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Welcome to Bavaria Satellites!

Bavaria Satellites have been established in Munich for more than 15 years offering comprehensive satellite, telephone and internet equipment, services and support to the expatriate population across Bavaria and beyond.

We strive to offer and support a professional and friendly service to both established residents and incoming expatriates, often working in conjunction with the many relocation agencies in the area.


Are you happy living here? Speaking the local lingo, watching local TV? Or do you REALLY miss EastEnders, Corrie and all the other truly educational programmes that are available in the UK?

Help is at hand. There's a multitude of English-language satellite programmes which are broadcast from a cluster of satellites hovering above the equator some 22,300 miles up in space. The cluster is located around 28 East of true South but the elevation above the horizon depends on how far south you live.

Now, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that these English-language programmes are beamed towards the UK. The good news is that you can receive at least some of them with quite a small dish, even as far away as the Canaries, Cyprus or Moscow.

The UK Terrestrial channels are NOT scrambled so you can watch them on almost any "free-to-air" digital satellite receiver, with prices from 145 for a quality satellite receiver. However, although the BBC programmes and many shopping channels, holiday channels, religious programmes etc. are not scrambled, the majority of English-language programmes are scrambled.

To watch the scrambled channels, including the offerings from SKY, you'll need a Sky Digibox and a viewing card. There is no other way.  Well, not realistically.

There are 3 Levels of satellite system from Sky.

Entry level is a simple unit that allows reception of all the Sky channels.

The next level is Sky+. This is a system with A hard drive built in.. ( Often referred to as a PVR/DVR)  Similar to TIVO in the States. Allowing you to record one programme whilst watching another or simply pausing Live TV!

The next is Sky HD.. All the features of Sky+, but with full HD picture quality.  Certainly worth thinking about these days as more and more channels are broadcasting in HD!

With all of our systems we will include all the English radio channels FREE of charge!! 

So What next?


Pick up the phone and call us on 089 905 39376 or simply click here and fill out the form!