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There are essentially 2 types of English language satellite television available:

* Free-to-Air (FTA) services - a simple digital satellite receiver, connected to a 90cm dish mounted externally on a south facing aspect - a balcony, wall or terrace are ideal. One time cost for equipment and installation,  no ongoing charges. Note that this service includes  BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and all popular radio and TV channels from UK.


If you click here you can see a a list of Free Channels available on Astra 2.

* Subscription Services - essentially Sky subscription TV from UK. Same receiver/decoder and dish as Free-to-View but a different card but with a monthly charge. Over 250 potential TV and Radio channels, all in English language, including a comprehensive range of movies, sport, childrens, news and documentary to name but a few. HD and PVR (recordable) services are possible only with this option.


If you click here you can see a listing of all available English Subscription Packages and their prices.


A typical TOTAL cost for supply and installation and setup of FTA services is 450-500 Euros, and for FTV 600-650 Euros (inc 19% German VAT). Sky subscription services begin from 850-950 including hardware, installation and provision of subscription It's never easy to give a fixed  price as we don't know the circumstances of your installation.

For more info on prices please contact us.

Please also be aware that in general only one selected TV in your home can receive the satellite channels we provide. There are sometimes possibilities to provide services to 2 or more televisions, but there will certainly be viewing limitations and often substantial additional costs.