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This screen advises you that you your card or subscription is not enabled for this particular channel. This may be simply because you have not subscribed tot his channel or because of a payment issue on your subscription where Sky have removed or suspended the channel from your viewing. If you were once able to receive the channel, but are no longer, then this is usually a payment problem, typically a credit card debit rejection because of expired, lost or stolen credit card details held by Sky that are no longer valid

If you are viewing, or attempting to view outside of the United Kingdom DO NOT call the number shown onscreen


Insert your Sky viewing card…


You will see this message if you try to switch to a subscription channel but there is no card in the “Sky Viewing Card” slot, or sometimes, if the card is not correctly inserted. This message also appears when a system is first switched on without a card correctly inserted. If you have a card, and believe it is correctly inserted check the following:

·          It is in the correct slot (“Marked “Sky viewing card”. Note that some systems (Sky+) hide the slot behind a drop-down panel

·          Make sure the card is inserted correctly – blue side uppermost, little yellow house to the front, gently pushed up to the end stop.


Need a screenshot of “There is a problem with your viewing card”


Need a screenshot of software update in progress


Initialising new Sky viewing card…

You will normally see this message for 3-5 seconds after first inserting a Sky card into the viewing slot and a no other time

Sky System Installer Setup Menu

This is a “hidden” menu for installation purposes. You access this menu by pressing (on the remote control):


“4” (System Setup)


Under normal circumstances there should be no need to access this menu, and making changes (especially to “LNB Setup” and “Default Transponder” may prevent the system from working normally.

The picture example shown is from the installer setup for Sky+ which has an additional 2 items – “Sky+ Planner Rebuild” – this is the Sky+ equivalent of disk defragmentation and can sometimes provide additional free recording capacity and “Full System Reset” which re-sets the system to factory settings, formats the disk and deletes all recordings. (Use with care!)


No satellite signal is being received

This message is self explanatory. The reasons can include:

·          Satellite dish is damaged or has moved

·          LNB (on the dish arm) is faulty

·          Cable from dish to receiver is faulty

·          Cable is disconnected from either dish or receiver

·          Water has penetrated connections in the cable

·          Digibox is faulty (especially early Pace, Grundig and Amstrad models – usually a repairable fault)

Check all connections to and from the dish and digibox for continuity.

If you get this message on some channels but not on others, the reasons may be:

·          Faulty LNB

·          Faulty Digibox (tuner – often repairable)

·          (If a Grundig Digibox) a failing system (this can be repaired)

·          If the message occurs on BBC, ITV, Hallmark, E4 or Disney channels, then your dish is not large enough for the area you live in (these channels have a weaker signal in much of Europe and require a larger dish than most other Sky channels.

Note – it is often the case that identifying and fixing the underlying problem does not cause the message to go away – you may need to re-set the system by disconnecting and re-connecting from mains power.



…please ensure that an operating telephone line is connected

This message always appears when a system is first switched on from cold (powered up), re-set or has received a software download. It is purely for information only. Simply pressing “Backup” on the remote control will remove the message. There is no technical need for a telephone connection to a Sky system, although it may be a contractual requirement on new systems or “Sky Multiroom” configurations. This message is simply to encourage you to connect the line, which is used for interactive services such as banking, shopping and games play,.

Live TV Pause (Sky+ only).

This symbol indicates live or recording pause while watching programmes on a Sky+ system. The counter timed in blue below the symbol indicates how far behind realtime the recording is. Pressing the “pause” key on a Sky+ remote control and seeing this symbol (and frozen picture) is a good indication that your Sky account and card are enabled for Sky+ pause and record function, and that your harddisk is correctly functioning

Sky System Picture Settings menu

Part of the Sky system setup – accessed by pressing “Services” then “4” (System Setup)” and “1” (Picture Settings” on the remote control.

Important settings include:

·          Picture Format – set to the aspect ration of your connected TV – options are 4:3 (standard), 4:3L (standard, but in letterbox format for widescreen transmissions) and 16:9 for widescreen.

·          Second Location Picture Format – as above but for a second connected TV

·          Scart Control – enables the Digibox to automatically switch over an AV channel on a TV that supports this function (and is connected by SCART) – most TVs support this

·          Video Output – choice of PAL or RGB. RGB usually provides better quality on TVs that support it and are correctly cabled 821-wire SCART cable). Note that some early Panasonic Digiboxes prefer the PAL setting only to function


This message appears on both Sky and Sky+ systems. The Sky+ system message is shown here following an attempt to playback PIN protected content.

Parental control settings (“Services”-“3” on remote control) can be used to protect live or recorded content according to broadcast rating. In order to watch such material a 4-digit PIN-code must be entered from the remote handset. Note that with Sky+, in the case where restricted content has been recorded (e.g. late at night) but played back at a different time of day, it may be necessary to enter the PIN.

·          The “default” PIN is the last 4 digits of your Sky card (9-digit number on the white side of the card), also visible on the System Details display (“Services”-“1”-“4” on the remote control) – see “System Details” below

·          The default PIN is ALWAYS the number of the very first Sky card of a contract. If the card has been changed for any reason (lost, stolen, damaged, replaced) the old PIN number remains

·          A PIN number can be changed via the Parental Controls menu, but ONLY if the system is correctly connected to a (UK) telephone line

·          Sky keep records of PIN numbers and can be consulted if the number is lost.


Searching for listings….

This message always appears when a system is first switched on from cold (powered up), re-set or has received a software download. It indicates that the system is loading channel and programme information. While listings are downloading the system cannot be used. The download usually takes 3-4 minutes maximum. If the message stays longer then there maybe a system, cabling or dish fault. Note that if the banner at the bottom of the screen shows the correct day an (UK) time then there is a good chance that dish connection and alignment is in order, as this information only comes from a correct signal input. If correct time and date do not quickly appear there may be a problem with dish, alignment or cabling. If this message appears while watching TV this may be an indication of a system crash, as the system is re-setting itself, as sometimes occurs during periods of bad weather such as electrical storms.


Part of the Sky system setup – accessed by pressing “Services” then “4” (System Setup)” and “6” (“Signal Test”) on the remote control. The picture shows an example from a Sky+ system, normal Sky systems do not include the “Input 2” displays

Useful information that can be determined includes:

·          Signal strength – strength of the signal coming from the dish. Should be 50% or better (grey bar from left to right)

·          Signal quality – digital quality of the signal – a measure of how many errors are detected in the digital stream. Ideally should be 70% or better.

·          Lock Indicator – “OK” or “Not Locked” indicates that the system has locked onto an acceptable signal.

·          Network ID – for correct installation for Sky should always be “0002”

·          Transport Stream – a 4-digit code (non-zero for correct reception)

The signal strength and quality indicators are a good, but approximate guide to correct dish alignment. These measurements are not useful if you are trying to optimise alignment to pickup the weaker BBC/ITV signals as they are measuring a different frequency on a different satellite.

Common mistakes when using these indicators to actually align a dish in the first place include:

·          Good strength, but no quality – probably another satellite in a different direction with no digital content

·          Good strength and quality but no lock indicator - Probably another digital satellite, but not the correct one for Sky!

When using these indicators to align a dish (which is not really a good idea in the first place!) it is common for the displays to freeze and/or become inaccurate and therefore misleading, so the system should be regularly power-cycled between dish movements to refresh the software.

Sky+ systems have two connections to a dish, which is why an “Input 2” measurement is available. This must have similar readings to “Input 1” otherwise the record function will not be available.



Part of the Sky system setup – accessed by pressing “Services” then “4” (System Setup)” and “5” (System Details)” on the remote control. Displays important system information. This information is often requested by your service provider to check the system is functioning correctly and internal software is uptodate.


NOTE TO WEBMASTER - we should change or obliterate card and serial number in this picture!

TV Guide

Accessed by pressing “TV Guide” on the remote control or box front panel. This is the top level access to the Sky Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Numbered buttons access programme categories, coloured buttons provide channels sorted A-Z, access to the programme planner or selected favourite channels.

Tip: If you loose your remote control or it has failed, and you need to access Digibox service functions, then press “TV Guide” on the front panel of the Digibox to reach this menu. Use the arrows on the front panel to navigate to “Services” and press “Select” to access the same menus you normally see then the “Services” button is pressed on the remote.

SKY+ PLANNER (Sky+ units only)

Accessed by pressing “TV Guide” then the green button on a Sky+ remote control.

Indicates a summary and individual status of recorded programmes and planned recordings. Coloured buttons on the remote control permit copy, deletion or “Keep” (prevent deletion) of selected recordings. Left and right (green) arrows moves to additional sorting options for longer lists


Probably need a normal Sky Planner too


There is a technical fault with this channel…

Implies a general reception fault, usually related to poor signal strength. This fault commonly occurs when reception (signal) strength is marginal, but not quite enough to provide a picture, and is often seen during storms, heavy rain, when snow settles on the dish, etc. Usually the fault quickly corrects itself as the signal returns, but may often require a re-set (power-cycle) of the system.

This message may also indicate software problems requiring a system re-set



This is the wrong card for this Set Top Box…

Indicates that the inserted Sky Card is not matched to the Digibox it is being used in. This message is normally seen on Sky premium channels (e.g. Movies and Sport) when a card is inserted that has not been enabled (paired) to that system. If the card is (or should have) an active subscription then your service provider needs information to pair the card correctly to the system (See “SYSTEM DETAILS”). Questions will certainly be asked about why the card is not in, or has been moved from the system to which it was originally paired (e.g. the previous box failed or is being upgraded to a better model).

This message is also often seen when a Free-to-View viewing card (for Channel 4 and five) is being used (and will work), but Sky premium channels are selected. These would not be expected to work with such a card in any case.

If you are viewing, or attempting to view outside of the United Kingdom DO NOT call the number shown onscreen