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Telephone and Internet Services


The following charges normally apply:

One-time connection costs:
* Telephone connection: EUR59.95
* Our charge (for administration and setup of connection): EUR35

Monthly costs:
* Telephone line with unlimited broadband internet  from EUR29.95 per month

*   Unlimited calling plans to European and North American destinations (EUR3.94/month)
*   Unlimited calling plans to many non-European destinations (EUR 14.95/month)
*   A DSL Modem/router/WiFi for EUR 29.95 (normal price EUR 119)
*   Option to have a non-German number (e.g. UK) in your home so your
    friends and relations can call you at local rates. - from EUR45 fixed charge)

Minimum contract period for these services is 24 months but it is possible to get out of this commitment under exceptional circumstances, e.g. if you are required to leave Germany.

We can arrange the connection normally within 5-7 working days, but the more time you give us the better. If you have the name or number of the previous resident in your home this helps to accelerate the application - Using these services we can also organise cheap calls to many countries. See for further information.

If you need any help from us for cabling or setup in your apartment then we charge EUR60 per hour for cabling, and EUR75 per hour for PC and internet setup and configuration, plus any materials (e.g. cables or sockets) required and travel - it would be unusual to need more than an hour of each, usually MUCH less, but it does depend on your overall needs, the in-house cabling, and how the previous tenants have left it. We can also supply and setup phones and additional network equipment (e.g. wireless interfaces) if you need them. You are not obliged to use our services if you do not wish to, but please note that if you take advantage of the subsidised modem/router offer there will be an additional charge of EUR15 in order to configure and deliver this to you.

All prices include 19% German VAT.

If you have any questions, let us know or call us on 089/90539376 to discuss. If you want to go ahead please complete the application form as soon as possible and return  it to us by fax.

Note that it is important that your new home has your name on the mailbox by the time you you send us the application form as an important information package will be sent to you which may only be delivered if your name is present. If this package is not deliverable for any reason we can request a replacement but this will delay your connection, as without it we cannot set up the internet service.

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